Noodler’s Ink, LLC is posting this “reminder” in light of the activities of a far larger competitor (that just introduced an organic component to a rollerball and felt tip – but lacks a secure fountain pen ink for various reasons). Several years ago Noodler’s began to introduce inks that were “variable combination” such as Navy, Green Marine, Blue-Black, Aircorp, Zhivago, Kiowa Pecan, Walnut, Brown, Red-Black, Golden Brown, #41 Brown, etc… The first “variable combination” formulas were manufactured with variables being different on a PER BOTTLE basis…meaning EVERY bottle has slightly different ink component proportions. This is done by hand (one of the major reasons for Noodler’s constantly being in short supply). This production method security feature enables most of our inks to be unique in a forensics lab on a per bottle basis.

Later on additional variables were perfected that included: specific fluorescent identifier components (you can tell if your ink has these by testing with a black light, Luxury Blue is an example), specific chemical identifier components (such as those that fade before certain test chemicals leaving the rest of the ink an observably different color), specific UV and IR reactive/resistant components (laser resistance and age maturation upon the page, the Warden’s ink series for example), and most recently components specific in their behavior to certain fountain pen nibs (soon to be introduced), and a “combination lock” of inks currently available in very small quantities in Australia, Germany, and Japan (hand made and complex – quantities of such inks are limited and may be introduced more broadly at a later date). We have also strictly avoided organic security components that are subject to degradation and rot once forever exposed to the environment when left upon the page – instead seeking longevity upon the page (including that of security components) that spans generations as one of our many goals (such as with our eternal and bulletproof inks). Bleach, for example – destroys most so-called organic security components in a matter of seconds and is a frequent tool of the forger – though it is often also useful for identification of underlying properties (as with the ink called “Prime of the Commons”). If a tool of the forger can be used to assist in adding security to an ink…we do so!

Hope this information is of use in your ink decisions. I am confident that Noodler’s will always put the maximum effort and resources into the technology of the fountain pen ink – and have the most fountain pen ink utilities contained within its bottles. We do so regardless even of the profit motive – seeking not wealth, but the very best fountain pen ink selection for our customers and to the advantage of the fountain pen over its rival writing instruments (even if that fountain pen is included free with our 4.5 oz bottle!). Our advertising budget is non-existent…our bottle is simple…because it is the ink that demands the maximum value added – all else is delivery and packaging. If you want a product with glossy advertisements and a pretty bottle with luxurious case, you can overpay for another “product” – but we will continue to concentrate on the ink – it is what we do…being the “smallest ink company in the world with the largest color selection”.

Best wishes,