Warden’s Inks

The newest series of Noodler’s Ink is the most advanced fraud resisting inks in the world – and is more durable in certain advanced technical testing than every fraud resisting rollerball and gel pen ink currently on the market.

The Warden’s ink series addresses some POTENTIAL tools of the forger that have not yet been observed in general use by law enforcement. They are “combination lock” inks that have set ageing and component variables (variations per bottle – so that if you use that one bottle for an entire document or set of documents – the ink will be different than a forger trying to copy your documentation with the same brand but different bottle/production run…as most warden’s inks are also made on a PER bottle level…NOT by the thousands – one of many reasons for their short supply!!). Research and development began to go into this area when lasers (Economist Magazine – December 12, 2009) and other potential tools of forgers came to light – as several new technologies could potentially be used by forgers. Just because they have not shown up with law enforcement does not necessarily mean the criminal mind is ignorant of them! These inks are our attempt to prevent new forgery techniques before they are used. Then again…if the user of a pen decides to use alcohol or acetone soluble ball pen inks and “gift” blank checks and other documents to criminals/check washers, and others…it’s a free country. Yet – you are also free to use a more durable ink in the fight for both eternity upon the page and against the forgers than any other ink on the market.

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