V-mail Ink Series

A few weeks ago we obtained some dated, sealed, and viable vintage area inks with extremely patriotic labels (this, to us – is a rare opportunity to examine earlier industrial history first hand!). Many referenced “V-mail”, a term that seems to have begun in WW I. These were dated from 1939 to 1945 – and of course began in earnest after Dec. 7th, 1941 with the patriotic WW II themes.

With those inks as models and a little bit of reverse engineering and close modern replication – the originals come alive again in our own “V-mail” ink series:

  • North African Violet
  • Operation Overlord Orange
  • GI Green
  • Mandalay Maroon
  • Burma Road Brown
  • Rabaul Red
  • Midway Blue

The Army Air Corp. and some Royal Airforce planes are silhouetted on the labels.

MSRP $12.50/3 oz. bottle

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