Reformulated GI Green

GI Green has been reformulated into a darker and more durable green with improved multi-spectrum shading. It is no longer as close a replica to the conventional green of the war years that it was originally based upon. It is now slightly less true to the historic accuracy of the “government issue green” color of the “regular” uniform and classic army Willys jeep – but it is hoped the utility to the modern user has been greatly enhanced. The water resistant conventional ink now has shades of British racing green (at the request of GI Green’s more numerous and insistent British following) which is also still in line with certain darker green jungle and hedgerow campaign uniforms.

In terms of vintage style/conventional water resisting inks – the V-mail ink series remains the best value for modern ink customers on the market today (far below the $35 per 45 ml some other companies charge for similar inks – their rate being approximately $70 per our $12 bottle size!).

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