Noodler’s received numerous requests for a “Periwinkle” eternal ink over the past few years. There were several prototypes sent to a handful of retailers – and it was frustrating to see how many divergent views exist of what a “periwinkle” color truly is…. Of course, I always thought of “periwinkle” as being the color of the blue curve of a periwinkle snail’s shell – being in New England. Alas – some think of the flower, others a 1960s crayon color, and still others believe it should copy some other company’s ink color. I followed the snail and made it a periwinkle shade of blue – and it also fluoresces an interesting blackberry cream purple when exposed to a fluorescent black light. It is an extremely durable ink – don’t let that delicate pastel shade fool you… will hold its own against the tools of the forger, UV light, water, detergents, etc….just permit it to dry upon cellulose paper. It might not be possible to sit and wait to prove that it remains on that page long after the faded ball pen and conventional inks…long after the iron gall inks have burned holes in the page….long after humidity has removed and/or dispersed the diluted weaker inks…..however, though I don’t have that 100 years of time to prove it will last – everything possible has been done in its manufacture to make it last as long as is conceivably possible to have a fountain pen ink last upon the page!

Note: as with other cellulose reactive inks one should rinse the pen clean of other types of inks before use and observe that the nib tines are far enough apart to see a ray of light pass through them. Any tighter setting of the tines will hinder the stronger families of both modern and many vintage inks and thus reduce the full range of inks your fountain pen is capable of utilizing. It should never be mixed with acidic inks, inks containing salts, or any divergent families of inks (such as the Baystate inks, which are so different they should not be mixed with any other inks at all outside of their specific family) – mixing with salts, acids, etc….can destroy the ink (until it is on the paper and has dried – it is fragile…..but becomes extremely durable thereafter).

MSRP $13.50, SKU # 19184

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