NEW Flex Nibs

The new Flex Nib pens are here, but they will not last long!!

An additional note on the use of Noodler’s pens…they are made from a celluloid derivative – and as with all celluloid pens one should NEVER use alcohol or cleaners/rinses that contain alcohols with any celluloid containing pens. Celluloid is in fact processed using none other than alcohols…so unless you want to “reverse engineer” your pen chemically…please avoid alcohol and other harsh solvents (acetones, MEK, etc..). Plane old household ammonia (normally just $1/gallon or so) mixed with a few drops of mild liquid dish soap and regular tap water is fine for almost every need for a rinse solution. If using “common water” as a rinse is your choice, remember it contains bleach and should never be mixed with ammonia.

New Colors

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