La Reine Mauve

The name conjures up images of royal purple and the artwork is indeed very much related to the royals of France. Alas, the evolution of this ink and this label incorporated the input of more than 1,000 Noodler’s Ink aficionados and references to vintage inks spanning nearly 100 years. It was proposed with grace and compelling evidence of its need by an intense fan of this sector of the light spectrum – only wished for in extremely permanent form. The name evolved from that of a musician…to that of a song…to a concept…and finally was distilled to a version of “the purple queen”….”La Reine Mauve”. Bulletproof? Yes – though marked “Guillotine Proof” in fine print upon the label in tune with its monarchical theme…as well as being water based, pH neutral, UV light proof (though can be eventually burned up with an intense heat lamp and a laser – yet obvious damage to the paper will also result from this! – It resists the sun and rain until the paper disintegrates…provided one permitted it to penetrate the cellulose structure of the paper and dry.) – and it is extremely smooth….one of the few inks to rival the smoothness of Noodler’s Black (this assumes a well adjusted pen – as no ink alone can make a scratchy misaligned pen smooth, yet some inks can make a well aligned/adjusted pen glide as if a bead of mercury riding over a sheet of glass).

MSRP $13.50/1 oz. Bottle, SKU #19183


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