Heart of Darkness

The most recent price levels for disposable rollerball pens with durable (yet not bulletproof) inks ranges from $1.66 each (when sold in a pack of 12) to $3.44 each (as of 1/2/09). We broke these pens open and poured their water based inks out to determine how many would be required to equal our 4.5 oz dropper bottle. The most popular fraud resisting rollerball on the market today required 76 units to equal our 4.5 oz bottle – and the second most popular such rollerball required 82 units. Using the lowest discount price we could find and the largest ink capacity roller ball pen (at 76 units) we have some comparison shopping figures that you may perhaps be interested in seeing: 76 disposable units X $1.66 per unit (not including sales tax) = $126.16 equivalent per bottle of Heart of Darkness, Polar Blue, Anti-Feather Black, Polar Brown, etc…..all of which include REFILLABLE fountain pens that write on the far end of extended 8″ X 11″ plain paper sheets in mid-air with only the pressure needed to touch the paper to produce a line when flowing properly with ink…whereby no gel pen, ball point, or roller can write with that little pressure regardless of how well they are adjusted to perform. The more costly disposable rollerball pens equate to 82 units X $3.44 per unit = $282.08 equivalent per 4.5 oz bottle.

Can your ball point ink survive acetone and common rubbing alcohol on a check or document? Does that gel pen ink survive oven cleaners and bleaches – and other tools of the forger? Does your disposable roller ball save you any money – or reduce waste – vrs. the free fountain pen you can re-fill over and over again? Saving the environment can also mean saving your hard earned dollar – which should never be mutually exclusive goals from the perspective of this frugal Yankee…. 😉 Noodler’s Ink will continue to strive to provide this value to our customers through the 4.5 oz bottle and free pens included with such bottles whenever we can manage the razor thin margin to do so – in fact, we intend to expand this program to include a greater variety of such pens as soon as possible. Thank you for your continued support – as we would not survive without it. Noodler’s Ink, LLC “The smallest ink company in the world with the largest color selection.” (c) Why does the Noodler’s Ink Company insist on bottled ink, when virtually all other ink companies issue disposable ink cartridges? We actually believe that disposable ink cartridges are incompatible with our goals of providing our customers with the “fairest deal possible per dollar given our resources and abilities”. A 4.5 oz. bottle of our ink has the equivalent of $72.94 in the LEAST COSTLY retail cartridges in the world (for comparable ink – though not “bulletproof” – and we exclude free promotional cartridges at shows) – and $36.09 in the least costly retail ink of any quality in North America (lowest cost non permanent inks imported from central Asia). Ink cartridges from European, Japanese, and the North American companies that issue them routinely amount to well over $148 per 4.5 oz. and in several instances average well over $315! (Quotes obtained as of 1/16/09) We find this to be outrageously excessive (particularly in instances where the ink has inferior properties!!) and will continue to issue only bottled ink (and some free pens) until industry/technology is capable of equal costs at the retail level for both bottled and cartridge ink per given weight and/or volume of ink. As to the environmental costs of disposable cartridges – we believe frugality tends to be a natural ally of a cleaner environment (which is not the same as “environmentalists”). Why waste cartridges when a refillable fountain pen holds more ink and for far less overall costs? As to writing quality – you have the free pen in this box.you can see for yourself how it writes. We are confident that it will serve you well – otherwise it would not have been issued in the first place. 😉

MSRP #19.00/4.5 Dropper Bottle w/ Free Eye Dropper FP

SKU # 19808


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