Green, Pink, Orange Highliter Inks

The “Dragon Series” highlighter inks are named in reference to their label artwork – depicting a serpentine catfish dragon…something mythical and strange as are the effects in different reflected light sources of these inks. * While supplies last (WSL) there will be a few 16 oz bottles available – and also WSL every bottle issued of these three inks after August 14th, 2009 will include a lithium powered black light LED as well as the usual free eyedropper filled highlighter pen (which can have its tip replaced when worn out – unlike the far more wasteful disposable units that are not refillable, hold less ink, and use more of your resources over time – as well as filling up landfills or consuming extra energy for recycling…why recycle a disposable when you can own a refillable pen?). As with Golden Year of the Pig – it is wise to store the pen lying down with the cap on and not point end up with the cap off for long periods – as that will dry out the pen’s felt feeder and shorten the life of the felt feed (the one part of the pen which is replaceable by design for a reason…they do eventually wear out from use).

Also after August 14th, 2009 – every 4.5 oz bottle of Blue Ghost issued will include a free lithium powered black light LED – (WSL) in addition to its usual free eyedropper filled demonstrator fountain pen.

* They are not as durable as the “Golden Year of the Pig” – which is by far the most durable highlighter ink on the market today. The “Dragon Series” do not resist all oven cleaners, and a few bleaches (unlike “Golden Year of the Pig” – which tends to resist everything once permitted to first dry upon the document). They are, however – water resistant with fluorescence that is dramatic & striking and they are more able to be used in lower tolerance fountain pens (Whereas Golden Year of the Pig is made to operate best with the higher tolerance pen that is included free with every bottle – though many people insist “Golden Pig” can be used with other pens, and we know it can…there are a few pens with less utility made today that are simply incapable of utilizing the full potential range of the full utility fountain pen. I think of such pens as cars that leave their owners stranded because they can only be filled with a single type of gasoline made by a single monopoly brand oil company – such cars are very rare for many good reasons! We seek maximum range, capability, utility, and variety for the fountain pen in general and recognize that some pens are more capable than others – which also are why we manufacture some inks for less capable pens as well as for full utility fountain pens…such as those pens we include free with many 4.5 oz bottles).

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