Borealis Black

The label artwork depicts the Northern Lights in all their colorful glory because the ink absorbs their full spectrum. This is a conventional black ink from the 1950s, super smooth writing, shades well, and perfect for artists and calligraphers with fast flex pen work to do. It is water resistant on most paper grades – HOWEVER, unlike other grades of Noodler’s Black (Standard Black, Polar Black, Heart of Darkness, and “X-Feather”) Borealis is NOT a bulletproof black. What does that mean? This ink CAN be removed by several laundry detergents and carpet cleaners. It vanishes before bleaches. It is not considered fraud resistant (though still far safer than most ball point pens!). It is not resistant to heavy UV light exposure. It is simply a super smooth writing conventional black ink that still has the value added content of the 1950s which have been lost in many modern conventional inks. In the 1950s people EXPECTED their fountain pen ink to survive a trip to the mailbox during a rainy day! This ink offers those of you who might not want your grandkids to see everything you write – or who may have a desire for an older era’s ink technology – yet do want the ink to survive a decent amount of time (though not perhaps as long as the paper exists, as bulletproof inks tend to do) as well as a few rain storms or water spills…. another more durable option for an intense deep black line from Noodler’s Inks. The Blackest of the conventional Blacks!!

Borealis is pH neutral.

MSRP $12.50/3 oz. Bottle, SKU #19051

MSRP $19.00/4.5 oz. Bottle w/Free Pen, SKU #19815


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