Blue Nosed Bear

The Canadian Blue Nose combined with a Canadian bear….resulting in an interesting Noodler’s Ink having many shading possibilities as well as different light spectrum effects. The “Blue Nose Bear” is an ink with blue and fluorescent blue highlights (it is black light reactive…both ambient and direct black lighting) with a darker core line that exhibits shading unique to its use with the Noodler’s flex nib when a heavy line is applied to conventional papers. Lighter strokes appear light blue to light blue black, whereas darker and heavier strokes shade and show halo effects of brighter blues. Results vary based upon different paper grades, but some of the drawing examples using the Noodler’s brush pen (soon to be more readily available) and Noodler’s flex pens can be seen in the video that explains why this ink was named as it was…and what it is capable of doing for both artist and writer.

Canadian Blue Nosed Bear

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