Baystate Concord Grape & Cranberry

The reintroduction of a rare (and as of recently unavailable) mid-1940s family of inks that was once very popular in the New England area has been well received by enough pen users to warrant the expansion of these inks. Despite the highly unusual nature of this ink family (particularly when Baystate Blue is compared to far weaker nondurable modern inks) many Noodler’s customers have requested that it be expanded beyond “Baystate Blue”. The following two colors can be mixed with Baystate Blue and share some of its contrast and intensity – though do not share all of its properties (Cranberry is not waterproof, and Grape is only partially water resistant – both can be removed with bleach from paper). They have more variable pH levels – and when mixed the pH can and will migrate. They should not be mixed with with any other inks EXCEPT those with the “Baystate” label. They are “exclusive to themselves” in behavior as an ink family and can be destroyed if mixed with certain iron derived European inks.

As with Baystate Blue – they have greater intensity which is often enhanced to the point of dramatic contrast on certain paper grades. So, if the ink appears “conventional” on one paper grade…try it upon a few different papers and you will soon see that it is not your average fountain pen ink. Also – if you are worried that an ink might stain a porous surface (as almost all ink – except washable – originally did exactly that before approx. 1970) you should not use the three “Baystate” colors. These inks are made for those people who can handle vintage style inks.

FYI: Shown are images of the inks as they were introduced at the New England Pen Show, with prototype test pens (Concord Grape: XXXBBBB flex 4 tined rainbow gold hooded conical music nib in 14K with clear lucite feed, spiraled ebonite core – Cranberry: XB slitless/ventless platinum group metal arch tip prototype set in conical nib of 14K gold….both pens with solid sterling trim, Noodler’s Ink upon resin artwork beneath 200 layers of fine Chinese lacquer, glowing crown jewels beneath a lacquer dome). Just prototype pens – not production pens….

MSRP $12.50/3 oz. Bottle


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