#41 Brown

Having met the Senator Elect some time ago and knowing how incredibly frustrating it is for any challenger in a Massachusetts election to win or even be given a chance by the pundits (you see, Massachusetts senate elections were – until recently – all quite pre-determined affairs having little to do with any democratic contest)….and having seen many a race without so much as a challenger on the ballot from the almost nonexistent alternative party from that of the modern Massachusetts Monarchy….I’m pleased to introduce #41 Brown. The spirit of the most rebellious and combative of the original thirteen colonies – the colony willing to go to arms and pay even the ultimate price for liberty before all others…came to the polls this January and openly rebelled against the establishment. The label artwork has three live models – catfish from the Senator’s home town that have a thing or two to say about this revival of a competitive democratic process. The Senator’s name is, after all – irresistible to a fellow who makes ink!

The color is an extremely dark and deep sepia brown – with a hint of golden sunset shading when used with italic nibs. It is NOT a Warden’s ink – though it IS archival/bulletproof/eternal /pH neutral (it has not yet been tested for laser alteration – though a similar ink did pass that test). In the spirit of the democratic process – the costs are kept to the razors edge so that the most people possible can see it as an extremely competitive price when taking into account its properties and durability.

(Profits get taxed anyway – as if they were sinful and the profit motive somehow evil to the establishment. So who needs profits? I would rather give the value to my customers – supporters in the cause of the fountain pen and the struggling ink/pen retailers – than make a profit to be taxed and then squandered by the government. It is my own form of legal rebellion, as they can not force one to make a profit. They can also not force expansion – which fewer people are likely to attempt given the ever increasing costs mandated upon production. Hence, the unemployment rate we all know so well…).


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