Current Noodler’s Ink Colors

Please note that due to computer imaging and the difficulty of matching true color in natural versus artificial light sources – the ink colors shown here are only to be used as a general reference (being in digital form of course). Apache Sunset, for example – is a brighter and more golden color than depicted here, as Habanero is redder than Apache Sunset (like the hot pepper!)….Beaver has a teal base and is not in the brown family though it appears similar to brown, Sequoia is a type of dark mossy evergreen yet is not as teal as Squetegue (a color that copies the back of a fish that is hard to catch on the Atlantic shoreline in isolated estuaries), nightshade is an extremely dark purple mimicking the deadly family of plants, and so forth. Please only use this scan as a guide to color range and your selection, but not as a certain or scientifically exact replica of the true colors produced by the inks. Ask for physical ink blots from your retailer if you would like a close up impression.

Noodler’s Bottle Ink Color Color Sample SKU # MSRP
Air Corp Blue Black Air Corp Blue Black 19040 $12.50
Anti Feather Anti Feather 19013 $12.50
Antietam Antietam 19022 $12.50
Apache Apache    
Army Green Army Green 19009 $12.50
Baystate Blue Baystate Blue    
Baystate Cran Baystate Cran    
Baystate Grape Baystate Grape    
Beaver Beaver 19024 $12.50
Black (Bulletproof) Bulletproof Black 19001 $12.50
Blue Blue 19003 $12.50
Blue Ghost 3oz Blue Ghost    
Blue-Black Blue-Black 19014 $12.50
Borealis Black Borealis Black    
Brown Brown    
Burgundy Burgundy 19012 $12.50
Cayenne Cayenne 19020 $12.50
Concord Bream Concord Bream 19043 $12.50
Dark Matter Dark Matter    
Dragon’s Napalm dragonsNapalm    
Forest Green Forest Green 19016 $12.50
Golden Brown Golden Brown 19011 $12.50
Green Green    
Green Marine Green Marine 19039 $12.50
Gruene Cactus Gruene Cactus 19033 $12.50
Habanero Habanero 19021 $12.50
Kiowa Pecan Kiowa Pecan 19010 $12.50
La Coleuer Royal La Coleuer Royal 19030 $12.50
Lexington Grey Lexington Grey    
Midnight Blue Midnight Blue 19006 $12.50
Navajo Turquoise Navajoe Turquoise 19029 $12.50
Navy Navy 19038 $12.50
Nightshade Nightshade 19026 $12.50
Ottoman Azure Ottoman Azure 19035 $12.50
Ottoman Rose Ottoman Rose 19028 $12.50
Purple Purple 19008 $12.50
Purple Martin Purple Martin 19041 $12.50
Purple Wampum Purple Wampum    
Red Red 19002 $12.50
Red-Black Red-Black 19019 $12.50
Saguaro Wine Saguaro Wine 19032 $12.50
Sequoia Green Sequoia Green 19025 $12.50
Shah’s Rose Shah's Rose 19036 $12.50
Squetegue Squetegue 19023 $12.50
Summer Tanager Summer Tanager 19044 $12.50
Tiananmen Tiananmen 19034 $12.50
Turquoise Turquoise 19005 $12.50
Violet Violet 19007 $12.50
Walnut Walnut 19018 $12.50
Widow Maker Widow Maker 19031 $12.50
Yellow Yellow 19004 $12.50
Zhivago Zhivago 19027 $12.50
4.5 oz. Bottles
4.5 Heart of Darkness 4.5 Heart of Darkness    
4.5 Kung Te-Cheng 4.5 Kung Te-Cheng    
4.5 Nikita 4.5 Nikita    
4.5 Year of The Golden Pig 4.5 Year of The Golden Pig    
Highlighter Colors
Atlantic Salmon Atlantic Salmon    
Firefly Firefly    
Georgia Peach Georgia Peach    
Hell Fire Hell Fire    
Lightning Blue Lightning Blue    
St. Patty’s Eire St. Patty's Eire    
Sunrise Sunrise    
Eel Colors
Eel Black Eel Black 19201 $12.50
Eel Blue Eel Blue 19203 $12.50
Eel Cactus Eel Cactus    
Eel Gruene Eel Gruene    
Eel Red Rattler Eel Red Rattler    
Eel Turquoise Eel Turquoise 19206 $12.50
Polar Brown Polar Brown    
Polar Black Polar Black    
Polar Blue Polar Blue    
Dragon Cat Highlighter 4.5 Oz.
Dragon Cat Green 4.5 Oz. Dragon Cat Green 4.5 Oz.    
Dragon Cat Orange 4.5 Oz. Dragon Cat Orange 4.5 Oz.    
Dragon Cat Pink 4.5 Oz. Dragon cat Pink 4.5 Oz.    
1 oz. Bottle
1 oz. Fox 1 oz. Fox    
1 oz. Hunter 1 oz. Hunter    
1 oz. La Reine Mauve 1 oz. La Reine Mauve    
1 oz. Luxury Blue 1 oz. Luxury Blue    
1 oz. Periwinkle 1 oz. Periwinkle    
1 oz. Whale 1 oz. Whale    
V Mall
Burma Road Brown Burma Road Brown    
G.I. Green G.I. Green    
Mandalay Maroon Mandalay Maroon    
Midway Blue Midway Blue    
North African Violet North African Violet    
Rabaul Red Rabaul Red    
Operation Overlord Orange Operation Overlord Orange    
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