NEW! Bernanke Inks

Bernanke Blue and Bernanke Black were introduced in part due to two forces of frustration. The economy destroyed a large customer that once upon a time and over many years sold a custom ink for those people who write OVER the words with their hand. This ink is incredibly smear resistant…and on some paper grades it can not be made to smear even a fractional second after writing the line. So, Noodler’s wanted to bring the ink into greater general distribution at the request of many customers. This would address the first frustration in that so many left handed writers believe the fountain pen is “just not for them” – this is NOT the case…as can be shown with a 1 minute demonstration using this ink (for a longer demonstration…see the video of this ink).

The second frustration involved raw materials costs for our products. The M2 money supply recently recorded a 26% increase and wholesale materials costs have been increasing at an outrageously rapid rate. We try our best to keep productivity up and costs as near to the razor’s edge as possible….but Chairman Bernanke has actively sought to inflate the stock market at the expense of all savers and holders of US dollars. To purchase debt instruments – including most recently a plan to buy dead mortgages (instead of letting the market clear naturally…say to prices the younger generation can afford) – without value representing the newly issued dollars used to expand the Fed’s balance sheet…debases the coin of the realm. The elderly are robbed from with near zero interest rates on their savings instruments while being pushed into far riskier assets than is suitable for their risk tolerance levels. The buyer of base necessities sees the costs of food and energy (gasoline and heating oil, transport costs, etc.) escalate while their wages stagnate or decline in real terms. Ah…but Chairman Bernanke has engineered a massive Wall Street rally by subjecting a higher risk premium to all the value that once resided in the pocketbooks and purses, wallets and check books of the average American: “either capital flows into newer and far larger bubbles on Wall and Broad…or you will see your money wither away through the inflation in the grocery store and the fall in your savings compensation (money markets, savings accounts, CDs, etc..)”. Wall Street or bust is the fed’s new mantra. While a small business is forced to consider price increases upon its products – the fed chairman insists inflation is benign…when pricing pressures affect corporate profits…it won’t matter provided the Bernanke “put” is under those profits…right???

Once upon a time America valued its medium of exchange as the one way to fairly compensate each of our efforts in a free market of diverse goods and services. Today, the fed chairman has picked one winner – a rigged financial market – and the rest of us get to pay the bill with an increasingly worthless bit of paper once known as the “almighty” dollar.

The Bernanke inks symbolically represent the fed’s need to print money with an ink that dries super fast….just as fast as it is printed today…the fastest rate in history.

If the Chairman continues down this path to economic oblivion – expect to see “Bernanke Black and Blue” during QE III and QE IV….and you might guess what that label will look like!

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