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A message about “American Aristocracy”

Henry Gage (3rd Viscount Gage) son of Thomas Gage (Royal Military Governor of Massachusetts) was responsible for the purchase of an estimated 19,000 bottles of wine including the most popular at the time among the aristocrats: red port, dark sherry, and Madeira…  As the aristocrats surely were not giving the wine to those commoners paying the excessively punitive taxation of empire, but instead were using it to pry influence and connections from fellow aristocrats…in order to better distribute the largess and grandeur of state power and wealth amongst themselves – Noodler’s Ink has modeled “American Aristocracy” as an ink bottled individually, one bottle at a time with each bottle thus being purposefully unique…to resemble a conservative colonial semblance of the three most aristocratic colours: red port, dark sherry, and Madeira.


These reflect a series of plum burgundy hues – a very old style royal purple ink, traditionalist in tone due to the distance of the colonial era and age of the collective memory of it – yet fairly dramatic in the contrast of its lines upon the page.  Hopefully, the memory of that “ancient regime” may give pause to those who may otherwise be prepared to embrace a new one that is surprisingly similar in its motives and behaviors.


It is being introduced simultaneously on both sides of the Atlantic with an apology to His Majesty, King George III of Great Britain printed upon the content side of every label.  As it is hoped any form of aristocracy never again establishes a permanent presence in both New England and Olde England…the ink is not bulletproof.  A swatch of the ink utilizing a fresh cork from Portugal seems appropriate given the provenance of English aristocratic wines….


Noodler’s Ink American Aristocracy Stock # 19083

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