NEW Flex Nibs

The new Flex Nib pens are here, but they will not last long!! An additional note on the use of Noodler’s pens…they are made from a celluloid derivative – and as with all celluloid pens one should NEVER use alcohol or cleaners/rinses that contain alcohols with any celluloid containing pens. Celluloid is in fact processed using none other than alcohols…so unless you want to “reverse engineer” your pen chemically…please … [Read more...]

Piston Fill Resin Fountain Pens

The Noodler’s Ink colored piston filler set includes: black, red/orange, turquoise, burgundy, and navy blue (additional colors will be available as time passes). They are a classic 1960s design (note the classic bow windowed ink chamber) made from a celluloid derivative developed by a company in Rochester, New York – that has several trade names (including some high priced variants, such as "vegetal resin"). The piston … [Read more...]

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