The president’s collection

The films are narrated by Mr. Reginald B. Hegarty, great uncle of Mr. Tardif The president’s scrimshander By PEGGI MEDEIROS | Published: NOVEMBER 1, 2013 | Leave a comment Milton K. Delano It arrived in New Bedford at some point in 1818. It was discovered in an old New Bedford house by a master artist. According to the New York Times on October 20, 1973, it was a bull whale. It took two hundred forty hours of … [Read more...]


NEPONSET THREE TINE MUSIC NIB FOUNTAIN PEN BY NOODLER'S INK More beautiful acrylic Neponsets now available in Rattle Snake and Adrenalin, Yellow Fer De Lance, and Olde Salem.     Rattle Snake and Adrenalin Stock # 12073   Yellow Fer De Lance Stock # 12083\   Olde Salem Stock # 12076The Neponsets three tine music nib and sleek balanced body is now available in these beautiful colors.  To … [Read more...]

Noodler’s Ink Limited Edition Prints

Noodler's Limited Edition Prints Beautiful 8.5 x 11 recreations of some of most famous Noodler's Ink labels can now be yours. Perfect for the shop, your art studio, your office or your home.  Each Limited Edition print is on heavy Oak-tag paper, signed, numbered and is a beautiful recreation of Black Swan in English Roses, Black Swan in Australian Roses, Bad Blue Heron, and Bad Black Moccasin, and now Upper Ganges, … [Read more...]

New Acrylic Neponsets

INTRODUCING THE NEW  ACRYLIC NEPONSET FOUNTAIN PEN     The New Acrylic Neponset fountain pen is visually stunning while offering a superb writing experience. The 3 tined music nibs has a velvety pen stroke with the ability to greatly vary the line width to the user's liking. The ink flow is consistent and generous from the three fissure ebonite music feed. The Neponset comes equipped with a piston fill … [Read more...]


THE  EBONITE NEPONSET HAS ARRIVED!      What is a Neponset?  It is so much more than a name. The Neponset is a glimpse back in time. A journey to an era of legacy’s, new beginnings and war heroes.  A time of ...     The New England Airship company, later renamed the Dartmouth Airship Co.,  was the first of its kind in the United States. The year was 1929, a challenging … [Read more...]

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