Beautiful recreations of the Ink Labels

Noodler's Limited Edition Prints Beautiful 8.5 x 11 recreations of four famous Noodler's Ink labels can now be yours. Perfect for the shop, your art studio, your office or your home.  Each Limited Edition print is on heavy Oaktag paper, signed, numbered and is a beautiful recreation of Black Swan in English Roses, Black Swan in Australian Roses, Bad Blue Heron, and Bad Black Moccasin, and now Upper Ganges label. … [Read more...]

New Art Nib Pack

NOODLER'S UN-TIPPED NIBS  NEW ART NIB PACKS AVAILABLE NOW !  The nib pack is perfect for the artist,calligrapher or anyone seeking the perfect nib to fit their style. Noodler's  New Art Nib Packs are the answer. EACH PACK CONTAINS 3 NEW NIBS     ONE UN-TIPPED FLEX NIB fits the Konrad and Ahab fountain pen and can be cut and shaped for a italic or custom angled nib.  It is the most affordable nib available.  The … [Read more...]

Nibs For Noodlers

NIBS FOR NOODLER'S KONRAD AND AHAB FOUNTAIN PEN NIBS ARE IN STOCK.   We now offer non-flexible, nibs in fine/medium and broad. The non-flexible fine/medium nib allows for even and consistent ink flow when line width variation is not needed.  You will experience the smooth pen stroke you have come to love with Noodler's fountain pens.  Fine/Medium Nib  Stock #18091   MSRP $2.00 When a bold line is all that will do, … [Read more...]

Konrad Brush Pens Are Now Available

 Konrad Brush Pens are in! If you are an artist, classic writer/calligrapher or you use a highlighter, this is the pen for you! You can add any of your Noodler's ink for a truly colorful creation. Noodler's highlighter inks transform this brush pen to a brush highlighter instantly. So many uses and they now come in three colors ready for immediate delivery.   Black Stock #- 16001    Clear Stock # 16003    Galapagos … [Read more...]

Boston Speedball Nibs in Noodler’s Pens. New Ebonite Ripple Pens. Also Introducing Standard Non-Flex Ahab/Konrad Nibs

[Read more...]

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