Noodler’s NEW Ahab is here!

This pen is made of a celluloid derivative and is technically biodegradable and formed from a “renewable resource” even though our resin and our ebonite can last more than a lifetime – as proven by vintage pens long in existence that were stored well.  The cost of this pen was kept far below the quoted equivalent costs that were 8 to as much as 36 times greater (EU, Japan, Taiwan, US, China).  Noodler’s made it with … [Read more...]

NEW Flex Nibs

The new Flex Nib pens are here, but they will not last long!! An additional note on the use of Noodler’s pens…they are made from a celluloid derivative – and as with all celluloid pens one should NEVER use alcohol or cleaners/rinses that contain alcohols with any celluloid containing pens. Celluloid is in fact processed using none other than alcohols…so unless you want to “reverse engineer” your pen chemically…please … [Read more...]

Blue Nosed Bear

The Canadian Blue Nose combined with a Canadian bear....resulting in an interesting Noodler's Ink having many shading possibilities as well as different light spectrum effects. The “Blue Nose Bear” is an ink with blue and fluorescent blue highlights (it is black light reactive…both ambient and direct black lighting) with a darker core line that exhibits shading unique to its use with the Noodler’s flex nib when a heavy … [Read more...]

NEW! Bernanke Inks

Bernanke Blue and Bernanke Black were introduced in part due to two forces of frustration. The economy destroyed a large customer that once upon a time and over many years sold a custom ink for those people who write OVER the words with their hand. This ink is incredibly smear resistant…and on some paper grades it can not be made to smear even a fractional second after writing the line. So, Noodler’s wanted to bring the … [Read more...]

Black Swan in English Roses

A beautiful conservative burgundy shading ink. “Black Swan in English Roses” is the darker cousin to the brighter “Australian Roses” - as it has a pure prime red for its core color and typically creates a WWI poppy symbol when blotted upon absorbent paper (as is demonstrated in several photos of this ink). Again, designed with the Noodler’s flex pen in mind for maximal shading and highlighting results – which can vary … [Read more...]

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