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The president’s collection

The films are narrated by Mr. Reginald B. Hegarty, great uncle of Mr. Tardif The president’s scrimshander By PEGGI MEDEIROS | Published: NOVEMBER 1, 2013 | Leave a comment Milton K. Delano It arrived in New Bedford at some point in 1818. It was discovered in an old New Bedford house by a master artist. According to the New York Times on October 20, 1973, it was a bull whale. It took two hundred forty hours of … [Read more...]


NEPONSET THREE TINE MUSIC NIB FOUNTAIN PEN BY NOODLER'S INK More beautiful acrylic Neponsets now available in Rattle Snake and Adrenalin, Yellow Fer De Lance, and Olde Salem.     Rattle Snake and Adrenalin Stock # 12073   Yellow Fer De Lance Stock # 12083\   Olde Salem Stock # 12076The Neponsets three tine music nib and sleek balanced body is now available in these beautiful colors.  To … [Read more...]

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